Brian Rose:
London Mayor 2024

Championing Freedom

The Brian For Mayor 2024 campaign is committed to protecting human freedoms in all forms, to improving the world we live in and to protecting our freedoms, including free speech, financial freedom, freedom to travel and freedom to be safe.

A Campaign For Freedom

The Brian For Mayor 2024 campaign aims to create a mass scale transformation in humanity into a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative species by promoting great ideas, strong policies and long term outcomes, while defending our rights to free speech and making London the financial capital of the world once more by making our capital the centre of the crypto, web3 and blockchain industries.

Our Policies

Discover more about our innovative key policies ideas and initiatives to address the biggest issues we face.

Fighting For Freedom Of Speech

Protecting Our Financial Freedoms

Fixing Our Broken Transport System

Tackling The Crime Epidemic

Fixing Our Broken Capital

Since the last election in 2021, our city has become a truly terrifying place to live.

Crime rates have skyrocketed by over a third, with violent incidents in particular becoming commonplace on London’s streets… and over 1,000 murders during the current mayor’s tenure.

Our free speech has been dictated to by a combination of Silicon Valley technocrats and a government who thinks it’s OK to tell their citizens what they can and can’t say.

Our financial institutions, once a bastion of London’s global standing, have appointed themselves arbiters of whether people can even access banking services, as more and more are excluded from the traditional world of commerce.

And all the while, the Mayor has introduced new travel taxes through his fundamentally iniquitous ULEZ policy as he tries to greenwash yet another raid on people’s money.

The truth is, in three years, I’ve seen the city I love, the place I call home descend into an Orwellian nightmare… of censorship, of unbanking, of violence and of punishing taxes.

It’s little wonder that Londoners are demanding change.

Despite this, with no effective opposition, the incumbent mayor sits in his ivory tower at City Hall smirking at voters in the knowledge that no-one seems to have a plan to challenge him.

Frankly, I couldn’t sit idly by and watch our once-great capital spiral further into chaos, which is why I am standing to be Mayor of London once again… to campaign for freedom of speech, freedom of finance, freedom to be safe and freedom to travel.

I want to put London back on the financial map by making our city a centre of excellence for the cryptocurrency, blockchain and web3 sectors.

I want to guarantee that citizens can be protected against governments and corporations who are taking away their unalienable right to free speech.

I want to make our city safe, with an effective police force and community pathways to support young people, while protecting the most vulnerable.

I want to ensure that no-one is taxed unfairly and bring an end to cash grabs to service debts run up by the current mayor.

I want to make London the best city in the world again, and with your support, I know we can challenge the career politicians whose greed, self-interest and mismanagement are having such a profoundly negative impact on people’s lives.

And that’s why in 2024, it’s time for real change. Someone who isn’t part of the political establishment. Someone who cares about the citizens of the capital and protecting their rights. It’s time for a different solution.

What I plan to do

As your next Mayor, I plan to establish London as a safe, innovative and welcoming city, focussing on:

  • Ensuring that our freedom of speech is protected by railing against draconian government policies and the insidious impact of Silicon Valley giants who want to control what we can say
  • Positioning our nation’s capital as a world leader for blockchain technology to promote transparency, deliver equal access to financial services for all and generate much needed additional revenues which can be invested in our underfunded public services
  • Delivering in a transport system that is fit for purpose by privatising TfL, abolishing the widely criticised ULEZ taxation strategy and placing the burden to co-fund new infrastructural investments on the new era of economic prosperity that making London a crypto-first city will provide
  • Actively campaign for violent crime reduction strategies by building a best-in-class police force who work with the support of the Mayor and community programmes to help address the crime epidemic we currently face
  • Work with stakeholders and communities to listen to the challenges and continue to develop new, innovative solutions
  • Promote the London Real Party as an effective alternative to the narrow world view of the main political parties

I look forward to being of service.

Brian Rose, your next Mayor of London and host of London Real

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