Thank you for joining
me and changing politics

Thank you for changing politics


What a remarkable journey we have been on together. In the last few weeks, supporters like you, my campaign team and so many members of the public have helped set a new standard for political campaigning in this country.

We’ve broken record after record, helped set the agenda and shaken up the establishment parties. I have so much I want to share but, for now, let me just say thank you – I could not have done it without your help and I will be forever grateful.

Announcing My Campaign

Learn about my Transform London 2021 plan of attack

Transform London 2021

Discover how I intend to Transform London through a raft of key policies and leadership.

As your next Mayor of London, my other innovative policies include the following.

Meet Brian

Dear Londoner,

I am excited to announce my plans to become your next Mayor of London.

I want to lead this incredible city in a new direction.

  • A new direction that promises to bring back a great economy.
  • A new direction that delivers a strong education system.
  • A new direction that guarantees world-class health services, culture, technology, transport, and environmental practices.
  • A new direction that guarantees the human rights of the citizens of this great city.

I love London.

I have always loved London and will always love this great city. I love the people, the history, the spirit, the culture, the diversity – it embodies everything I hold dear in my heart. I believe it truly is the greatest city in the

But now, we face dark times, and perhaps the most difficult crisis this city has ever encountered.

Unfortunately, our elected officials have failed us.

  • I see a total lack of leadership.
  • I see a total lack of science-based decision-making.
  • I see a completely disproportionate response to the virus.
  • I see our once strong economy being destroyed right in front of our very eyes.

Our city’s finances are in shambles, our small businesses are not being supported, our culture is being destroyed, our transportation policies are ridiculous, our education system is being compromised, and our health & wellbeing has
been completely ignored.

I have decided to stand for Mayor of London because of one fundamental reason:

I can no longer sit idly by, and watch our current crop of politicians, drive this incredible city into the ground.

I believe that with strong leadership, science-based decision making, a proportionate response to the virus, a focus on the economy, and my Transform London 2021 plan of action, that we can reverse this dangerous downward spiral,
and make London once again a world-class capital city and one of the most desirable places in the world to live, work and visit.

However I can’t do it alone. I will need the help of every citizen of this great city working together towards our common goal.

So please, help me now with the following actions:

First, and most importantly, use your vote TODAY. If you don’t know where to vote, type your postcode in here to find your nearest polling station. If you applied for a postal vote and forgot to post it – it happens more than you might think – you CAN still hand in your postal vote at your polling station, so do that.

Second, share this page with ALL of your social media followers. Let’s get as many people out and voting as possible – it’s their right to be heard and it’s their future at stake too.

Third, remind your friends and family to vote. Take them to the polling station if you want, show them this page, encourage them to make their voices heard. Every vote counts.

I am excited to embark on this new mission with your help to lead London in a new direction.

We have the most incredible city in the world, and I promise to work tirelessly to make London a world-class city once again

I am confident that together, we will accomplish our mission.

I am here to be of service.

Thank you.


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