Digital First

Technology is an incredible tool that can exponentially transform the output and effectiveness of a city.

Cities are too often late in their adoption of crucial technology that would allow them to stay competitive and protect the welfare of their citizens.

As your next Mayor of London, I promise to make this great city Digital First with the following plans:

  • Free high speed broadband internet for all citizens regardless of location, income, and job status, thereby ensuring everyone can live their best lives and contribute to the prosperity and culture of this great city
  • Investing resources to promote and incubate our incredible technology startup sector, to make sure we are known throughout the world as a leader in this space. By doing so we will create new jobs, business opportunities, and revenues that will power our city to great heights
  • Digitise all city-wide communications to streamline our city

Digitisation is the wave of the future, and the sooner we embrace this concept, the faster we will be able to evolve and compete as a world-class city once again.

While the world has gone digital, much of our crucial local government communications and processes have not. The Metropolitan Police still fill out “paperwork.” Our SMEs communicate with councils through antiquated systems that deliver poor and untimely results. And our education system has not embraced the incredible opportunities available via digital and virtual learning.

I am committed to digitising and streamlining communications across all aspects of local government in order to eliminate inefficiencies, speed up results, and unlock massive amounts of value that will boost our economy. Only by embracing digital can we promise to build the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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