Transform London 2021

My Vision For Our City

The following is my Transform London 2021 plan of attack

Get London Back to Work

We will reinvigorate the economy of this great city by cutting business rates, removing congestion charges, supporting small businesses, and implementing science-based protocols to safely get people back to London to work, shop, and visit. Small and medium size enterprises make up 98% of our economy and as an entrepreneur myself I can be especially helpful in understanding their struggles and providing solutions.

Health First

We will create the strongest, most resilient citizens in the world who are physically and mentally robust, always prepared for times of crisis. We will do this by proactively implementing early education and practice of a proper diet, daily exercise routine, and the avoidance of smoking and excessive drinking. This topic is close to my heart as I’ve spent the past 9 years educating the world on how to take control of one’s own physical and mental health.

Science First

We will make London safe again by implementing rigorous, science-based decisions only when it comes to setting policies for education, work, travel, and all social interactions. We believe there has been a disproportionate response to the coronavirus that has caused the loss of countless lives and ruined people’s livelihoods that can be remedied by implementing intelligent, fact-based policies moving forward.

Education First

We will get London back to school to ensure a bright future for our young people and the socialisation they desperately need for their development. We will remove the culture of fear and implement science-based protocols to safely get our younger generation learning again. We will restore the daily structure of our families and stave off the risk of creating a “lost generation.”

Green First

We will remove all on-street parking in central London and replace it with green spaces the public can enjoy, additional retail space to support businesses, and more room for foot traffic to encourage visitors to return to the city and kickstart the economy. It will also reduce traffic, speed up transportation, and improve air quality.

Make London Safe

We will support the Metropolitan Police with more situation-based training protocols, foster a new understanding, respect and appreciation by the public, and a zero tolerance policy for knife crime and possession. We will also implement proportional representation in the Met Police to build a force reflective of the communities it serves.

Digital First

We will provide free high speed broadband internet access to all citizens and businesses. We will ensure that technology startups are supported, promoted, and incubated, and all local council interactions with small businesses are digitised with quick response time in order to stimulate the economy.

Freedom of Speech

We will create a “marketplace of ideas” where censorship is no longer permitted on our digital platforms, so we can encourage an open debate and discussion, where all points of view can be considered, argued, and contested so the best ideas can rise to the top and be implemented.

These groundbreaking policies are real-world practical solutions to the crucial issues we face as a city, and are the basis of my Transform London 2021 plan of attack.

I am confident that when properly executed, we can lead London to become a world-class city once again.


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