Housing First

The housing crisis in London has reached epidemic proportions.

The lack of affordable homes affects everyone, from key workers in the NHS, police and fire service to the public, who are crying out for a joined up approach to housing as part of the Mayor’s remit.

London’s great culture and diversity can only exist when everyone, regardless of their income level, can afford to live in and contribute to this incredible city.

In addition, I have been actively involved in working with homelessness charities for a number of years, and I believe that by giving everyone access to affordable accommodation we can eliminate homelessness and its drain on our economy.

And that’s why as your next Mayor of London, I will put Housing First and pursue an aggressive new homebuilding and improvement strategy that aims to:

  • Deliver 50,000 new properties ready to move into by the end of 2021
  • Ensure no properties are left empty and unused
  • Ensure that all key workers have access to accommodation
  • Ensure that we increase the proportion of social and affordable housing across the capital
  • Ensure that no-one needs to be homeless across our capital

As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, I know that while talk is cheap, action is ultimately where value resides; and that’s why I will be working with stakeholders from across government, house builders, councils and more to deliver the best housing services any city offers across the world.

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