Make London Safe

A safe city is a productive city, increasing the wellbeing of its citizens, promoting commerce, and encouraging tourism.

Crime acts like a hidden tax on the economy, hindering growth, creating uncertainty, and discouraging investment.

The Metropolitan Police has lacked the investment, support, and understanding necessary for a modern day police force.

As your next Mayor of London, I promise to make London safe by:

  • Supporting the Metropolitan Police with more situation-based training protocols designed for officers to role-play a wide variety of situations so they are better equipped to deal with the ever-changing landscape of policing
  • Enforcing a zero tolerance policy for knife crime and possession, ensuring that all offenders are prosecuted to the letter of the law with no exceptions
  • Using less invasive approaches by adopting new, innovative technologies to promote a knife crime free city
  • Pursuing new community-led crime prevention strategies to address the causes of crime (rather than simply focussing on the outcomes) by launching new programs to offer our young people positive pathways, thus addressing the burgeoning issues of gang culture and the exploitation of children through county lines
  • Digitising the Metropolitan Police by creating paperless, data-driven solutions that bring cost reductions while employing better technology and advanced AI technologies to solve crime
  • Implement an ambitious diversity representation strategy in the Metropolitan Police to build a force reflective of the communities it serves, ensuring that all races, religions, and genders are proportionately represented

Investment in our Metropolitan Police force is the only way we can guarantee a safer city that will ensure the wellbeing of our citizens and promote trade and tourism in the future.

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