Mortar Research survey results on opinions about London

Research overview

As part of my campaign to be the next Mayor of London, I recently commissioned well respected pollsters Mortar Research to conduct a consumer survey to pull a snapshot of Londoners’ beliefs on a range of topics including:


  1. How do you think Mayor Sadiq Khan has performed on dealing with knife crime since he was elected?
  2. How do you think Mayor Sadiq Khan has performed on housing provision since he was elected?
  3. How do you think Mayor Sadiq Khan has performed on the implementation of the ULEZ expansion since he was elected?
  4. Do you believe that as a city, London is too “woke”?
  5. Does London need more police on the streets?
  6. Have your freedoms as a Londoner been eroded since the last Mayoral election?


Mortar Research carried out their survey targeting adults in London, with the sample being representative of age and gender but not on other demographics and segments. 


Respondents were incentivised and each provided opt-in consent in line with MRS and GDPR guidelines.


This survey was taken by a total of 2,001 respondents on both mobile and desktop devices and ran on 12th-16th April 2024.


Key findings


  1. Almost half of Londoners (48%) believe that the Mayor has handled the knife crime crisis poorly or very poorly
  2. 43% of survey participants rate Mayor Sadiq Khan’s performance on housing provision since he was elected as either poor or very poor
  3. A third of Londoners believe the Mayor’s implementation of the ULEZ expansion has been poor or very poor, with almost as many people indicating a similar view over his LTN schemes
  4. Wokeness weighs heavily on Londoners, with some 42% of respondents agreeing that the city is “too woke”
  5. A sizeable 75% of Londoners are demanding more police on the capital’s streets, with only 8% suggesting they believe there are currently enough officers on the beat
  6. 42% of Londoners feel their freedoms have been eroded since the last London Mayoral election


For more information about the survey, download the borough-by-borough results here.


To contact the London Real Party media team, email [email protected]


Note: Caution should be taken when considering opinion on the word “woke”, as respondents may have been using their own interpretation of the word, rather than its true meaning.

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