Survation survey results on opinions about London

Research overview

As part of my campaign to be the next Mayor of London, I recently commissioned well respected pollsters Survation to conduct a consumer survey to pull a snapshot of Londoners’ beliefs on a range of topics including the following questions.

Question 1

Rank the following topics in order of importance, where the first topic is most important and the last topic is least important: 

  • Reducing crime in London
  • Environmental improvements in London
  • Improving Londoners’ physical and mental health in London
  • Reducing discrimination in London
  • Improving London’s public transport
  • Creating jobs in London
  • Eliminating homelessness in London
  • Providing free school meals in London
  • Improving London’s culture/nightlife
  • Building more housing in London

 Question 2

To what extent do you support or oppose the following proposals being a priority for the next Mayor of London?

  • Improve Tube/Overground services
  • Improve bus services
  • Increase the number of cycle lanes
  • Decrease the number of cycle lanes
  • Improve public transport safety
  • More Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
  • Fewer Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
  • Abolish ULEZ charge
  • Increase ULEZ charge
  • Abolish Congestion Charge
  • Increase the Congestion Charge
  • Pedestrianise more parts of the city
  • Improve cab/taxi services
  • Put Transport for London on a sound financial footing
  • Privatise Transport for London


Question 3

To what extent do you support or oppose the following proposals being a priority for the next Mayor of London?  

  • Bidding to host another summer Olympic Games
  • Giving every Londoner £100 worth of cryptocurrency
  • Appointing a London commissioner for women
  • Replacing the Metropolitan Police with a new police body 
  • Building 50,000 affordable homes by Christmas 
  • Banning cars from the new Silvertown Tunnel 
  • Relaxing restrictions on cannabis use 
  • Offering free gym membership for every Londoner 
  • Banning the sale of real fur goods in London  

Question 4

If you were given £100 worth of tokens to spend in London, which one of the following would you prefer to spend them on?

Question 5

If you had to choose between former Prime Minister Liz Truss and a lettuce as London Mayor, which would you choose?

Question 6

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have soared in popularity. With that in mind, how much do you agree with the following statements? 

  • London should lead the way in embracing new digital currencies and their associated technology
  • London should make it easier for individuals to buy and sell digital currencies
  • I would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies
  • Large financial organisations have too much power over my life

Question 7
Do you trust traditional banks to act in my best interests rather than maximise their profits?

Question 8

Thinking about London’s metropolitan rail tube and overground network, which is your favourite line?

Survation polled 1,010 residents living in London aged 18+, on 19th-22nd April 2024. The survey was conducted via an online panel. Differential response rates from different demographic groups were taken into account. Data were weighted to the profile of all adults in London aged 18+. Data were weighted by age, sex, London subregion, ethnicity, highest level of qualification, and past votes in the 2016 EU Referendum and 2019 General Election.

Key findings

  1. For Londoners, the most important issue they believe the city faces is reducing crime, with 32% suggesting that it is their top priority; building more housing is listed second, on 13%, with eliminating homelessness in fourth with a 10% share making it their No.1 priority
  2. A large proportion of Londonders think transport services need to be improved (75% for Tube and 77% for buses); conversely, only 44% think that cycle lanes should be increased, with 37% indicating that they should be decreased
  3. 51% of respondents think that the ULEZ should be cancelled, with only 21% saying it should be increased
  4. More than half of London citizens think that black cab and taxi services should be improved
  5. More than 70% of participants suggest that putting TfL on a sound financial footing should be a priority
  6. Only 43% of respondents think that hosting another summer Olympics is a good idea
  7. 68% of those surveyed support the London Real Party’s plan to build 50,000 new affordable family homes by Christmas this year
  8. When asked, only 32% of those surveyed prefer Liz Truss to a lettuce as a future Mayor of London, with the lettuce option receiving a 46% share
  9. More than half of Londoners believe the Mayor should support free gym memberships for citizens
  10. In excess of 50% think that the sale of fur goods should be banned
  11. Most respondents would spend £100 of free cryptocurrency on groceries, followed by rent/mortgage payments
  12. Most Londoners feel large financial institutions have too much control over their lives, with almost half of respondents suggesting they would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies

For more information about the survey, download the results here.

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