Education First

Education is the cornerstone of every great society.

It gives anyone who is willing to invest in themselves the opportunity to make their life and the lives of friends, families and communities better.

Education has provided me the most incredible opportunities, and sits at the core of my broadcasting platform London Real and our 1000 free to watch long-form interviews with the greatest minds on the planet.

In fact, my work teaching inside the London Real Academy every week to our worldwide student base are some of the most gratifying moments of my life.

Which is why as your next Mayor, I will put Education First and get London safely back to school to ensure a bright future for our young people and the socialisation they desperately need for their development with the following key policies:

  • Ensuring that schools can remain practically open with dedicated procedures in place to provide confidence to parents, pupils and students alike
  • Guaranteeing that other centres of learning such as libraries and community centres remain open, are well funded and provide places of education across London
  • Launching new, fit for purpose digital learning systems that entertain, engage, and educate our students
  • Incorporating accountability processes and other best practices in order to deliver the best in class learning solutions anywhere in the world
  • Developing mentorship programs to place these students in virtual work environments to put into practice their learnings
  • Providing access to these new learning systems to adults of all ages to allow the education and training of our workforce across all sectors

By making education a priority, we will empower Londoners to invest in themselves and build a future full of opportunities and guarantee the success of our city.

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