Prioritising Our Environment

I believe the days of corralling environmental issues into a green section are behind us, and that environmental awareness should be baked into every relevant policy, not sprinkled on as a lime-coloured afterthought.

And so, throughout this website, you will see policies that are designed to promote a healthy environment. 

My plans for housing utilise TfL land that is wasted at the moment and, crucially, close to transport hubs, minimising additional travel and making maximum use of our existing transport infrastructure.

Modular housing itself is also built to high environmental standards, with modern levels of insulation and eco-friendly building materials.

My transport plans are similarly eco-aware. I prioritise electric taxis, and my plans to trial induction technology are about getting London ready for the next era of clean transport developments.

London’s ambitious Great Celebration will also be used to promote environmental themes as well as being environmentally friendly as possible.

These are just examples of the approach I will take as Mayor. I will protect trees and encourage bees too but, at its heart, my mayorship will strive to adopt environmentally-friendly approaches by default.

Being green is not about stealth taxes, about revenue generation disguised as environmental concern. Nor is it a policy. Being green is a mindset, and it is that mindset I intend to bring to my approach.

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