Green First

London has always been at the forefront of providing green spaces and investing in our environment.

From the opening of Hyde Park to the public in 1637, to the founding of Victoria Park in 1842 and to the Metropolitan Commons Act in 1866 protecting places like Hampstead Heath, parks and leisure environments have always played a pivotal role in the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

I know how important the environment is to our physical and mental wellbeing as well as to the long-term economic health of our great city, which is why, as your next Mayor, I will make London Green First by prioritising investment in new green spaces and reducing pollution by tackling unnecessary emissions. This incorporates replacing targeted areas of on-street parking in central London with:

  • Green spaces the public can enjoy
  • Additional retail space to support businesses
  • More room for foot traffic to encourage visitors to return to the city and kickstart the economy

Vehicles are functional assets while in motion, providing valuable transport. But when parked they are nothing but metal boxes occupying prime real estate. We envision a city of the future that embraces the idea of motor vehicles for transport without penalising the city with wasteful stationary parking.

The removal of on-street parking in targeted central London areas will bring a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Speed up transportation
  • Improve air quality in central London

Our Green First initiative will not only improve the environment of our city, but will also help kickstart the economy by helping businesses, streamlining transportation, and bringing more visitors back to the city.

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